Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sam Strick started Djing in Afghanistan while serving a deployment in the Army. He traveled to the Club Mecca, Ibiza, Spain in the summer of 08’ for an R&R and had a life changing experience. When he returned to Afghanistan he started a weekly house night called Ibiza Nights while still in a war zone. Sam Strick let the decks consumed him and tried to dedicate every free second he had to mixing and researching music genres to become a better artist. Sam Strick got out of the army in 09’ and moved to Orlando, Florida to start DJ and producing while attending college. 

He’s played in the greater Orlando area for half a decade and played at venues such as Firestone, Sky 60, Suite B, Crooked Bayou, and the Peacock Room. He played classical instruments such as the chello and upright bass in his younger years, which gave him an acute ear for mixing and composing music. Now, he's taking his journey to the keyboard and plans to release his first EP in 2013 in the deep house genre.

Sam Strick commented, “I really feel that I can express myself with deep house. I like the experimental and dark side of it, which has always influenced my listening sound since a boy, like Pink Floyd and the Doors. I also love deep house because it has that sexy side that appeals to women. ”

His performances range from deep house, tech house, techno, and experimental. In 2014 Sam Strick plans to start an Independent Label called Teep Records. Look out for this driven artist to come up quickly in the Underground Scene we call House.

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